The  Science Magic section below are fun things that you can amaze your friends with and try out.

Most of the them are not part of the show.

Hold your first two fingers straight with a little space between and put them in front of your eyes. Then look at the two fingers and then look up and back down again. You should that part of the finger is floating

Tear a paper in three pieces down close to the end. Then hold your first finger and thumb of your left and right hand on the first and the third piece of paper and attempt to tear the paper so that you come up with three pieces of paper.

Impossible to do

Making a tree, using plane newspaper.

Roll a newspaper, tape the upper half of the newspaper with tape. Then using a scissor, cut strips on the top half every two inches. Bend the top of newspaper over and start to pull the center of the newspaper. Now watch as the newspaper transforms to a tree

Time Science Magic

How can you draw one line to make 101010 = 9:50?

Ask Joe the Magician

Making a paper clip float on water

Can you make a paper clip float on water? To find out, attend one of Joe's magic shows or ask Joe, the magician

One end of a rope is tied to two pad locks while the other side of the rope is tied to a washer. The magician puts the side with the pad locks on his finger while holding the other end of the rope that has the washer horizontally. He then lets go of the rope that has the washer.

What do you think will happen?

Attend Joe's Magic Show to find out.

Try to pull a dollar bill under a bottle without tipping the bottle over. Can you do it?

Watch Joe, the magician do it on his next show.

How do you remove a ice cube out of a glass of water without touching the water?

While the ice cube is in the glass of water, place the edge of a thread on top of the ice cube and pour salt on top of the ice cube. Wait one minute and then you'll be able to pull out the thread with the ice cube out of the water.

Have a friend make two fists with their hands and then try to separate them. You will find that it will be easy to separate their hands.

Then you try it but this time put your right thumb inside your left hand. Your friend will not be able to separate your hands. 

Cut a hole the size of a penny on a piece of paper. Make a bet that you can push a quarter through the penny size paper without tearing the paper.

The trick is to put the quarter in the hole and fold the paper and then the quarter will go through the paper without tearing the hole.


How can you push a ball through a small hole of a piece of paper without tearing the paper?

Using a pen, place the ball on the other side of the paper and then take the pen and put the ball through the hole of the paper and push the ball.



Ask someone to put their fore fingers apart vertically. Then take your fore finger and loop it around their two fingers several times. Magically their two fingers get closer and closer together.

Cut two pieces of paper as shown below and marked them 'A' and 'B'. Watch the magic begin when you put paper size 'B' below paper size 'A'.  Paper Size 'B' appears larger then 'A' but in reality they are the same size.



Have a person put their hand flat down on a table.

Then have them put their second finger underneath their hand. Now ask the person to move their first finger and also their pinky. You'll find out that they can move those two fingers

Now have them move their finger, next to their pinky. You'll find that they can't move that finger no matter how hard they try.

Balance two forks on a toothpick

Take two forks and put them together through a toothpick. Hold the toothpick with your finger and watch the forks balance in mid air.

Take a penny and put on top of a card and then place it on your left finger. Then using your right hand flick the corner of the card and watch the penny stay on your finger

Fill a bag full of water and then puncture the bag with 3 pencils. The water stays in the bag

Challenge your friends to pick up the glass by just holding on the two pennies. The trick is to push the pennies on the side of the glass and then pick up the pennies with the glass