Below are just a small sample of pictures that were taken from Past Shows
Joe performing his magic show at the Wyndham Resort in Flagstaff, Arizona




During the show at the Wyndham Resort, Joe the magician took a Barbie Doll and floated her in the air and then passed a ring through her body. The audience of about 40 people were in amazement when they saw the ring pass through her body.
The magician removes the black cape that covers the Barbie Doll

He then removes the two cups that are supporting her body

The magician takes a large ring and puts over Barbie's body

He then passes the ring over and around her entire body 360 degrees. This demonstration shows that Barbie is floating in mid air.

The audience is amazed when they see the ring passing through and around Barbie's body.

 Joe, the magician, fills a glass full water then turns the glass upside down and the water stays in the glass. He then takes a paper clip and pushes it underneath the glass full of water in 3 different places and the paper clip is seen floating inside the water but the water never comes out of the glass.

He then gently taps the glass once and the water begins to fall out of the glass.

Joe, the Magician is chained to 2 steel pad locks and steel chains. He covers himself and then escapes from the chains and pad locks.
Below a spectator puts the pad locks and chains on the magician's wrists

Magician shows the audience that both of his hands are tied tight with the chain and pad locks

Spectator watches as she covers the chains with a handkerchief

 Magician breaks loose from the chains and pad locks

During the show, the magician gives a light bulb to a child and asks the child to examine the light bulb and try to make light up. But no matter how hard the child tries she cannot make the light bulb come on.

Magician shows the bulb to a little girl before it lights up

The magician then takes the light bulb and asks a child to blow on the light bulb and the light bulb lights up. He then asks the child to blow on the light bulb again and the light bulb goes out. But when the magician asks an adult to blow on the light bulb, the light bulb does not go out.

Magician asks 3 spectators to select a name of a person, place or thing and the magician reads their minds and writes their answer on the mind board. 

After the magician predicts their answer, he covers up the answer on the board and then asks the 3 spectators to write their answers on the board below his answer

The 3 spectators then reveal their answers to the audience and the magician opens the mind board and what they revealed to the audience appears on the mind board.

Magician lets the kids balance a bird on their finger.


Magician blows up a balloon and ties it

Magician Sticks a large needle through a regular balloon and the balloon does not pop

 Magician then sticks a larger thicker longer metal needle through a clear balloon and the balloon does not pop

The Magician then asks a spectator to stick the same needle that the magician used on the balloon and the balloon pops

Joe uses a magic bag to change dollar bills to five dollar bills and much more

The magician puts a small ring into the magic bag and then pulls out a ring 3 times bigger then the original ring

Magician takes a magic flower and makes it magically move in the opposite direction, simply by blowing on it

Magician takes a magic wand and makes cutting motions over a banana. The banana is then peeled and the banana has slices in the middle of it

Magician makes a loose rope float in the air

He takes a rope and stretches the rope with his left hand

 He then lets go of the rope with his left hand and the rope floats in mid air