Insert paper in the Money Maker and watch a $20 dollar bill come out. Then put the dollar bill back in the Money Maker and watch a fake $20 bill come out

Have spectator blow on the flower and it magically moves in the opposite direction

Magician asks spectator to hook the tip of the Band Snapper on to the elastic band from the inside and they can't. The Magician then easily snaps the elastic band on the hook of the Band Snapper with a simple waive of the hand

Magician takes a sponge bunny into his hands and changes into a ball and back into a bunny

The magician shows 4 lollipops in a bag and he chooses one. Then he asks a child to select 1 of 3 that are still in the bag. When the child goes inside the bag, the other 3 lollipops are all gone

The magician calls kids to the front and puts a jelly bean on their hand and watch as the jelly bean starts jumping all over the kids hand

Watch the fish go crazy and fold and turn when it's put into the hand of a child

Have a child come to the front and have the child balance a bird on their finger tip

Have a spectator give you a bill and put it in the palm of your hand. Then the magician takes a pencil and waives the pencil over the magician's hand and behold the pencil disappears instead of the bill in the palm of the magician's hand

The magician asks a spectator to try to push a steel ball inside a metal tube and they can't. Magician takes out his magic wand and waives over it and the ball mysteriously drops inside the metal tube

Spectator tries to make this bottle float on its side but they can't until the magician rubs the bottle with his hand and then the bottle floats on it's side.

Take a blue rubber band and put it between two fingers and take a yellow rubber band and put it across four fingers. With a snap of the fingers, magician will transfer the blue elastic band from the first two fingers to the last two fingers

The Magician puts a coin in one of the eggs and then calls 4 kids to choose the egg with the coin. When all of the eggs are removed from the bag, the last egg that is left is chosen by the magician and that's the egg that has the coin in the egg

Hide the balls underneath 3 cups and have spectator find the balls. The magician's magic makes it impossible for spectator to find the balls

Magician puts a ball inside his left and right hand.  He then closes both of his hands. With both hands tightly closed, he magically transports a ball from one hand to another. Two balls end up in one hand while the other hand has nothing in it

The magician shows 6 colored boxes to the spectator and spreads them out on the table. He then asks the spectator to choose any two colors boxes.  The magician puts all 6 colored boxes back into the box. He puts a rod through each color box and closes the lid. He turns the box upside down and the two colored boxes that the spectator chose fall out of the box.

The Magician shows a coloring book and when he flips the pages and waves his magic wand, he can make the pages of the coloring book either all blank, all black and white pictures or all colored pictures

Crayons are shown all white. Then the magician waives his hand and magically they turned to different colors. This magic act is done with the Coloring Book of Magic above