Watch as Joe the magician takes a Barbie Doll and floats her in mid air and then passes a ring through her body.

Real magic!!!

The Magician is chained with a steel  ring, steel chains and two heavy duty pad locks. The spectator inspects everything to make sure that the steel ring, the steel chains and the two pad locks are real and cannot be opened or broken. Then the spectator chains the magician with the steel chains and pad locks tightly on both wrists and then the spectator covers the magician and behold the magician then breaks loose from the steel ring, steel chains and pad locks.

The magician take a skewer and a long needle and punctures the balloon and balloon do not pop. The magician then waives the magic wand and punctures it again and the balloon pops

Put objects in a magic bag and make them either disappear or  transform them into something else

Magician asks 3 spectators to think of any object and Magician predicts their answer before they tell the audience what they have chosen

Magician fills a glass full of water and covers the top of the glass with a plastic cover. The magician then turns the glass upside down and removes the plastic cover over the glass and the water magically stays in the glass. The magician then puts a toothpick inside the glass from the bottom and the toothpick goes through the water inside the glass while the glass of water is upside down.

Now that's magic!!

The Spectator is asked to stack three dices in any order that they choose. The magician will predict the total number between where the dice touch each other plus the number that appears on the bottom of the first dice. The result will always be different each time it's done

Show a solid nail to the audience and allow them to bend it and they can't. Then magician puts the magic tube over it and bends it 90 degrees

Have someone from the audience float a soda can on its side and they can't. Then the magician waves the Magic Wand and the soda now floats on its side.

The magician takes an object and puts it in the glass. Then he waives his magic hand over the front of the glass and the object is either gone or another object appears.

A hollow tube is examined by the spectator. Water is then poured inside the hollow tube and watch the water stay inside the tube. Then the magician drops a glass inside the tube and behold when it goes through the tube, the water appears inside the glass 

Magically watch the magician make a duplicate key to match original key in the palm of his hand

Watch the magician make a pen go through a dollar bill without tearing the dollar bill

Magician takes 3 individual ropes and shows them to the audience. Then he puts the three ropes in the palm of his hand. He calls a spectator from the audience to start to pull on one end of the rope. Magically the spectator pulls out one continuous rope.

Magician puts a match on top of a card. Then with a simple waive of the hand, the match begins to rise. Then the magician takes another card and passes underneath the match.

Wow!! That's magic

Magician takes 4 individual colored silks and places them in his hand and then they magically turn into 1 large silk with the original colors

Magician takes a ordinary dollar bill and shows it to the audience. Then by waiving the dollar bill in the air, it magically turns into a Visa Credit Card. Then he passes his hands over the Credit Card and it turns back to a dollar bill

Magician ask a spectator to come to the front to play TIC TAC TOE.  But before the game starts, the magician asks the spectator to concentrate on the magician's eyes. The magician then reads the spectator's mind and predicts where the X's and the O's are going to be before the spectator plays TIC TAC TOE  with the magician

Magician takes a very loose rope and holds it and it falls down. Then just by passing his hand lightly over the rope, it magically floats horizontally in the air

Magician takes a straw and a wrapper and puts it on top of an handkerchief.  And now the magic begins as the straw is placed automatically inside the wrapper to the spectator's amazement

Magically turn a bulb on and off by a waive of the magician's hand. The Magician then goes into the audience and ask a spectator to blow on the bulb but the bulb remains on. Then the magician tells the spectator to waive his magic wand over the light bulb and the bulb turns off.

A spectator takes a coin and marks it secretly and the magician puts it into a hat. Then the magician turns the hat upside down and the coin is gone but a very tight closed box with elastic bands appears in the box. The spectator removes the elastic bands and opens the box.  The spectator sees another smaller tight sealed box inside the bigger box with another set of elastic bands. He removes the elastic bands and finds his marked coin inside the second box.

The magician takes the magic wand and moves the magic wand back and forth on a whole banana and tries to slice the banana with the skin on the banana. Then he peels the banana and behold the banana has been sliced

The magician shows that only one pack of gum appears in a package. He then waives his magic wand and the gum package is full of gums

With a magic handkerchief, magician puts large items inside the water bottle just by removing the cap

Magician places a handkerchief on a table and it mysteriously jumps up in the air

Magician takes individual rings and magically links them together

Watch the magician drop a ring on the outside of a chain and watch it tie itself on the ring when it is dropped straight down


Magician takes a pencil and has it float on the palm of his hand

Watch the cup float in the magicians hands

Tear a napkin and magically restore it in your hand

Have 2 spectators hold the 2 ends of a rope that's tied to a ring and watch the magician untie the knot under a handkerchief

Magician puts a string through a straw then cuts the straw through the string with a scissor and then pulls the string out of the straw and string has no cuts in it

Have spectator try to remove the ring from the spring but they can't. Magician then magically removes the ring from the spring by a simple wave of the magic wand

Magician asks the audience to take out there Cell Phone and Magician then reveals their Cell Phone Number

Magician calls a spectator up front and asks for number from 1-9. Then the magician predicts an answer. Another 4 more numbers are given. When you total all 5 numbers, the answer is the same as the prediction that was made earlier by the magician

Put a quarter on a coat hanger and watch the magician swing the coat hanger and the quarter still stays on the coat hanger

Put two paper clips on a dollar bill and watch the magician link both paper clips together just by opening the dollar bill

Put a ball and silk in the palm of your hand and watch it disappear and then re-appear back in the vase

Watch the magician take a regular size dice and magically convert it into 8 smaller dices

Magician takes large objects and puts them inside a water bottle through a handkerchief

Magician puts a knife through a bill and after removing the knife, the bill has no cuts in it

The spectator chooses a number across 5 cards and magician is able to guess what number spectator chose

Magician puts 3 quarters inside a magic black box and a piece of paper on top of each coins. The magician then takes a sharp pen and punches 3 holes through the paper and the coins. When the box is opened the holes are seen in the paper but the coins have no holes in them

 Look at the match box magically open up and rise in the air

Put a tooth pick in a napkin and have a spectator break it. Magician rubs the napkin and when napkin is unfolded the tooth pick is restored and not broken

Put an object in a glass. Seal it with a plastic wrap and tie it with a elastic band around the outside of the glass. Put a handkerchief over the glass and have a spectator hand over the top of the glass and watch as the magician removes the object out of the glass underneath the handkerchief

The magician shows the audience a empty box with 4 doors. He takes a Die Cube and puts it inside a hat. He then opens the door, takes the Dice Cube out of the hat and puts inside one of the doors. He opens all the doors again and the Die Cube is gone. He waves his magic wand and the Die Cube appears in the hat.

The magician goes inside a huge mail bag. Then a spectator puts a rod through the holes at the top of the mail bag and locks them in place with two heavy duty pad locks. The magician then magically escapes free from the mail bag.

Big surprise ending!

The audience thinks they know how the strings get longer and shorter.

One stick has a long cord and the other a short cord.
When magician pulls the short cord, the long cord simultaneously becomes short.
Repeat this unexplainable feat several times.
The audience think the cord is connected to the two sticks but magician separates the sticks.
The cord still moves as if they were connected.

Magician fills a glass full of water then empties the glass and then he passes a silk from the top of the glass through the bottom of the glass. Then he pours water inside the glass again to show that the glass has no holes in it.

Watch the Magician as he magically floats the Globe in the air and then passes two pencils horizontally at the top and on the bottom of the Globe.

Show a FULL bottle of cola and a cylinder that is shorter than the bottle. Place the cylinder over top of the bottle - since it is shorter, the top of the bottle can still be seen. Everything is then covered with a hanky. When the hanky is removed the BOTTLE IS GONE! The cylinder is shown to be Empty!

Members of the audience place this large blindfold on their own eyes. They won't be able to see a thing. But when the magician puts it on, he is able to see through the blindfold.