Watch Joe the Magician as he floats a Barbie Doll in the air.

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Magic Show Performances


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Serving the Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area

Joe has performed his Magic Shows at the

following major resorts in Arizona and California


Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona


The Ridge on the Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona, Arizona


Wyndham Resort


Southern California Beach Club Resort in Oceanside, CA

Below are some of the Magic Acts that Joe the Magician performs

Levitate Barbie Doll   Floating Globe Coloring Book of Magic Floating Finger

Break From Chains   Escape Mail Bag Crayons Change Colors Paper in 3 Pieces

Water in a Glass   Make Objects Disappear Roll Out the Money Paper Tree

Needle Through Balloon   Slice a Banana Lollipop in a Bag Ten To Ten

Read Your Mind   Rope Float in the Air Bunny Into a Ball Paper Clip Float

Float Soda Can on its Side   Turn a Light Bulb On Wiggle the Flower Pendulum Magic

Linking Rings Together   Pen Through Dollar Bill Bird on Your Finger Tip Bottle Under Bill

Mirror Glass   Water In Tube Rubber Band Snapper Ice Cube in Water

Predict Tic Tac Toe   Die Box Disappear  Egg Bag Magic Hands Together

Three Ropes Into One   Silk in a Vase Disappear Steel Ball Mystery Quarter in Paper

Missing Gum Pack   Tear Restore Napkin Pencil Disappear Push the Ball

Combine 4 Colored Silks   Credit Card to a Dollar Bill Bottle Balance Fingers Loop

Box with Elastic Bands   Tie Knot on a Chain Find the Ball Paper Size Illusion

Dice Magic   Float a Cup in the Air Move Ball Into Another Hand Lift Finger

Jumping Handkerchief   Chinese Sticks Magic Magic Color Box Fork Balance

Pen Through Coin   Silk Through Glass Jumping Beans Penny On Finger

Match Box Rise   Stuff the Water Bottle Miracle Fish Pennies With Glass

Ball in a Glass   Link Paper Clips Rubber Band Magic Water in Bag

String Through Straw   Float a Match On a Card


Stack Dice Magic   Untie a Knot on a Ring

Melting Key Board Games

Magic Blindfold   Knife Through Bill Mind Board Magic Ring Through a Spring

Cola Vanishing Bottle   Break Tooth Pick Straw in a Wrapper Float Pencil in Hand

Fill the Bottle   Coin on a Coat Hanger Bend a Large Nail


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